Remote sensing at ITC-irst - MPA group

SRTM Shutte Radar Topography Mission

Software used: GRASS 6, GDAL and Povray

SRTM90 and VMAP0: Lago di Garda, Italia.

SRTM90 and LANDSAT-7: Val d'Aosta, Italia. View to North-West, to Monte Bianco (any camera position can be rendered).

Data access

You are invited to use our scripts for SRTM data processing: general shell script to make GeoTIFF from original SRTM90 files (reads the file and generated a BIL file with header). Requires GDAL tools to be installed. GRASS script to import original SRTM files. To be used in Lat/Long LOCATIONS (WGS84, to be precise EGM96) - integrated into GRASS 6.0 (or later)!

Holes in the SRTM data can be closed within GRASS with r.fillnulls (uses splines, see reference below).

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