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Examples of LANDSAT-7 Brovey fusion

LANDSAT-7 North Italy (2001, 26 Aug) - click to enlarge

The images have been produced from channels TM2/TM4/TM5 (at 28.5m res), which have been pan-sharpened with TM8 (14.25m res) using the Brovey transformation.

Val di Fassa (Trentino, Italy) 180kb (High Res View - 5MB):

Perspective view with SRTM DEM, reprojected, closed holes and re-interpolated to 14.25m)

Trento and surroundings - 300kb:

Venice (Venezia) - 300kb:

Venice (Venezia) zoomed - 170kb:

Data provided by GLCF Maryland

Software used: GRASS 5.7 and GDAL

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