North Carolina Educational Dataset: External data

Table with the official data sources and metadata .

Coordinate systems and units used: spm: State Plane, metric; spft: State Plane, feet; ll: Geographic coordinates (lat/long); utm: Universal Transverse Mercator, metric; xy: Non-georeferenced (x,y). 3.6M (lidar bare earth points [spm])
boundaries_nc_ll.tar 60K (NC boundaries [ll])
geonames_features.csv 60K (Geonames acronyms as table, see also README)
GTOPOw100n40.tar.gz 11M (GTOPO 30 arc-sec DEM [ll]) 1.4M (Geodetic points [spm]) 3.9M (Soils associations statewide (spm))
Landsat image ftp
lc96catlabels.txt 2.0K (Landuse classes for 28m res. 1996)
lc96metadata.txt 64K (Landuse metadata for 28m res. 1996)
lc96ras_cut.img 248K (Landuse 1996 clipped to the SW Wake region [spm])
lc96ras.img 400MB (Landuse 1996 entire North Carolina [spm])
lidaratm2.txt.gz: Dataset as ASCII text file (8MB). Uncompress with gunzip lidaratm2.txt.gz (ASCII data description") 850K (Lidar multi-return data as SHAPE file [spm])
lkwhee4.hdr 20K (IRDOQQ 1998 header [spft])
lkwhee4.sdw 1.0K (IRDOQQ 1998 header [spft])
lkwhee4.sid 6.6M (IRDOQQ 1998 image [spft])
Masterplanxy.dxf 26M (Campus Master Plan [xy])
NCETOPO2_4604.g98 185K (ETOPO2v2 2 arc-min DEM [ll])
nc_names.txt 5.5M (NC features names, points [ll, utm])
newfacility.txt 1.0K (New facility footprint, polygon [spm])
NonGeoIMG792.tif 9.9M (unreferenced image)
P079216.DXF 543K (Planimetry [spf])
raleigh_nc_1951.jpg 744K (Topographic map from 1951, scanned, source)
road_profile_xy.txt 0.5K (Points along road profile [smp])
schools.txt 6.0K (School locations [spm])
schools_el_lu.txt 9.0K (Land cover from landsat at school locations [spm]) 1.1M (SRTM V1 1 arc-sec DEM [ll])
wake_soil_groups.csv (CSV, 1.2k) or wake_soil_groups.db (SQLite DB 4.0K) (Wake soil groups as table, see also README)
Digital Raster Graphics (DRG = topographic map) of Raleigh: GeoTIFF in NC-State Plane metric (source, processing)

Get additional data and the latest updates from the original web sites at NC One Map and Wake county GIS

Online Supplement for: "Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach"